Raffle Winners

Raffle Ticket Winners


On behalf of the Committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased a raffle ticket for this year’s fete. Although we don’t have a lot of prizes to offer we really do appreciate that people are happy to buy a ticket as the money raised allows us to donate funds to Otford based Associations and projects.  This year’s winners were:


First Prize                            Ticket No.            1475                       Annabel, resident of Westerham

Second Prize                      Ticket No                             0643                       Pauline, resident of Pratts Bottom

Third Prize                           Ticket No                             0747                       Rob, resident of Sevenoaks

Fourth Prize                        Ticket No                             1043                       Alex, resident of Otford

Fifth Prize                            Ticket No                             3239                       Irens, resident of Otford



Patty Chatterjee, Chair